Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Customer Service and the Storage Facility

When you consider storage facilities while you look at self-storage, you’d probably have a list of things you want to check out. The size and range of the storage units, the security at the storage facility, its opening hours, the perks, and the cost – these are all probably high on your list of considerations. What wouldn’t appear on most people’s lists is customer service at the storage facility.

In truth, the customer service at a storage facility – the experience of the staff, how willing they are to help, the services the staff can provide – should be one of the most important factors. When you’re using self-storage for the first time, nothing is going to be more helpful than a storage facility with knowledgeable staff members, who are willing to help in any way they can.

Customer service in a storage facility means staff able to provide advice – whether it be on packing your things, ensuring your storage is safe and durable, or ensuring your storage unit is packed well. Storage facility customer service means staff that help you into your storage unit, and help you pack your storage efficiently. Who give you all the information you need on the storage facility and the services it can provide.

Customer service in a storage facility means staff that care about your storage as much as you do. It should be one of the most important things about choosing a storage facility.

Using self-storage during emergencies

Australia has been dealing with all sorts of weather related emergencies this year. Major bushfires in Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria, flooding in Queensland and New South Wales – it does make you concerned for your house and your belongings. A great use of self-storage, which people don’t often think of, is in these situations. With a bit of luck, you’ll have some time up your sleeve – more particularly in a flood situation – and you can begin to think about what you can save by using self-storage. Getting some of your most valuable possessions into self-storage can significantly diminish the loss should your house be touched by disaster.

During most emergency evacuations, valuable possessions would get loaded into your car, furniture secured on higher ground, and you’d have to just hope that maybe it won’t be so bad. By using self-storage, you can help to eliminate some of that risk. Cars and evacuation spots can only hold so much – but self-storage can take care of the rest. Utilise your evacuation time by loading more of your stuff into self-storage, and a storage unit that’s safely away from the emergency area.

Dealing with emergency situations like flooding or even severe storms can cause major stress when you think about the danger for yourself, let alone all your belongings. Organise self-storage and keep your possessions away from the danger – and there’s your stress-free solution.

Using storage rental for renovations

Renovating, rather than buying a new house, is often a more preferred option nowadays. It’s a cheaper and less stressful process than trying to sell your property and afford a different one in today’s market, and can sometimes given your house the fresh change it needs. Storage rental can be a massive benefit when it comes to renovating. You can use storage rental to quickly and easily move furniture from one area of the renovations – and by using storage rental, you don’t have to clog up the rest of your house while the job gets done.

Storage rental is really the perfect solution for making renovations easier. While your kitchen gets upgraded, and all your utensils get taken out of the cupboards so new ones can be put in, it’s unlikely you’ll choose the moment to make a lemon meringue pie. So putting most of your cooking utensils into storage rental will help to clear the kitchen, and will ensure you don’t have to deal with everything that was in the kitchen covering every other surface of the house while you get new cupboards – instead, it’s hidden away in storage rental.

If it’s a major renovation, storage rental can serve as a constantly rotating storage room. Kitchen utensils can come out once the kitchen is finished, and then the contents of your bathroom cupboards can fill up your storage rental instead. You won’t even have to think about it – just as the renovation can take place room by room, so too can your storage rental. It’s the perfect renovation solution.

Removalists and Self-Storage

Sometimes, DIY self-storage seems like a cheaper and simpler option. Everything can be done on your own time, you won’t have to hire a removalist, and your move into self-storage is completely in your control. But there can be some benefits of using a removalist to help get you started with self-storage.

Hiring a removalist can help give you a timeframe to stick to. The nature of self-storage means that there’s often no urgency – and if you’ve got no deadline or motivation to get the job done, your house might stay half packed up and full of boxes of self-storage for months. Booking a removalist will give you a set date on which to have everything organised – and it’ll all get done in one fell swoop.

Removalists can also be helpful when it comes to packing up self-storage. Packing household items into packing boxes is what they do – at least if you’re happy to pay them to do it – and so they’re very good at it. I can guarantee a team of removalist guys can attack your self-storage and wrap it up into boxes much quicker than you or I can. The self-storage process suddenly becomes much easier when you don’t have to pack things up.

And when all’s said and done, the removalists can also stack up your self-storage into the storage unit. Basically, they take all the hard steps out of self-storage, by getting them done for you. And you don’t always have to pay through the nose.

Using Storage Units for Market Stalls

Markets are becoming more and more prevalent in Melbourne these days. What with the bi-annual Finders Keepers, Geelong Boutique markets and the Rose Street Artists’ Market, young designers have ample opportunities to sell their wares, and it’s a pretty easy gig. The difficulty comes when you’re packing up after the day. This is where a storage unit will come in handy. It’s not like you’re a functional shop, it’s far too costly to have a warehouse, and making your house look like a storage unit is not all that appealing. Hiring a storage unit might just be the answer.

It’s very easy to book a storage unit and sort yourself some storage space. And best of all, it’s cheap. You can grab a decent sized storage unit for an affordable price, into which you can keep all of your marketable items. Storage units are usually well secured – Access Self Storage offers 24-hour on site presence, along with alarms and well-secured facilities – and your goods can also be insured while they’re in the storage unit. Access Self Storage provides free insurance to cover you up to $5000.

Using a storage unit will continue to make market selling easy. You’ll have the weekend to sell your wares, and during the week you can quickly and easily transport your sellable or unsold goods into a storage unit. The rental of a storage unit is a simple and affordable way to ensure you don’t have to start thinking like a big business. Look into a storage unit today.